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> For the criteria you wish to grade or provide feedback on, click on the individual cells that apply, or on the category as a whole (black bar) to highlight.
> When using a UMC Utrecht computer please note that printing of this Rubric only works in Internet Explorer.
> When appropriate, additional criteria may be added and/or judgements may be fine-tuned by rephrasing the pre-formulated texts. For this purpose use the space ‘Additional criteria or Feedback’ or this Rubric as Excel file.
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Research group: 
Project type:
Rubrics used to motivate:
Master’s Programme:
Rubric Presentation
fails to meet academic requirements
meets academic requirements
belongs to the top 10%*
Content: Insufficient
Content: Satisfactory
Content: Excellent
Scientific content
Relevance unclear
Relevance is clear
Excellent mastery of subject
Research question absent, unclear or lacks focus
Research question clear and focussed
Highlights selected
Inadequate description of methods
Clear description of methods
Choices of methods are justified
Poor explanation of results/tables/figures
Good explanation of results/tables/figures
Clear concise explanation of results/tables/figures
Discussion lacks essential issues
Valid discussion
Critical in depth discussion
Inadequate answers to raised questions
Can answer most of the questions raised
Correct answers to questions raised
Inadequate response to critique
Adequate response to critique
Can value critique/suggestions
Tables/figures contain too much or too little details
Tables/figures require explanation
Informative tables/figures
References for claims/ illustrations are missing
Some claims/ illustrations are not reference
Key claims and illustrations are referenced
Presentation technique
Presentation: Insufficient
Presentation: Satisfactory
Presentation: Excellent
Nonverbal skills
Limited eye contact with audience
Regular eye contact with the audience
Captures the audience
Body language is annoying/distracting
Body language is adequate
Body language is constructive / effective
Incapable of continuing adequately after an error
Errors have only little impact on the presenter
Continues in an adequate manner after errors
Speaking skills
Speaks either too fast or too slow
Acceptable pace
Good pace
Insufficient English
Reasonable proficiency in English
Fluent in English
Loses attention of the audience
Gets attention of the audience
Maintains constant attention of the audience
Too difficult/easy for audience
Compatible with audience
Composition and design
Composition and design: Insufficient
Composition and design: Satisfactory
Composition and design: Excellent
Length of presentation
Too long/too short (+/- 25%)
Adequate time schedule (+/- 10%)
Visuals of presentation
Too much info/detail on a single slide
Inadequate slide quality (technical, compositional)
Slides conveniently arranged
Very clear message per slide
Grammar / spelling
Distracting grammar / spelling errors
Grammar / spelling correct
Use of references
Larger number of references distracts
Referral is insufficient, inconsistent, incomplete or incorrect**
Referral of tables, figures etc. is correct
Appropriate number of references per slide
Structure of presentation
Parts of presentation are missing
Incorrect balance of presentation components
Absence of logical order
All required parts are present
Logical order of the parts and slides
Correct balance presentation components
Smooth transitions between topics
Professional attitude
Professional attitude: Insufficient
Professional attitude: Satisfactory
Professional attitude: Excellent
Handling feedback
Many feedback sessions are required
Regular feedback sessions needed
The amount of feedback needed was minimal
Minimal improvement based on feedback
Feedback led to reasonable improvements
Response to feedback yielded excellent improvements
Critical attitude
Critical attitude is absent
Self-reflection is absent
Shows self-reflection and has critical attitude towards (published) research
Critical attitude is based on intellectual depth and profundity
Integrity, Conscientiousness
Data manipulated or left out**
Accurate, reliable and trustworthy
Additional criteria or Feedback

* Requirements for “satisfactory” must be fulfilled as well
** In case of fraud or plagiarism, the examiner will inform the Board of Examiners of this in writing

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