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Rubric Research Skills

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Rubric Research Skills

fails to meet academic requirements
meets academic requirements
belongs to the top 10%*
Performing Research
Research: Insufficient
Research: Satisfactory
Research: Excellent
Design research plan / experiments
Executes plans devised by supervisor only
Proposes new valid experiments based on previous results
Proposes many new, relevant experiments (with proper controls)

Has creative ideas
“Owns” the project, has original, creative ideas
Data analysis and interpretation

Depends on supervisor for correct interpretation of results
Provides correct analysis interpretation of results at later stages of the project
Provides correct analysis and interpretation of results from the start of the project

Invalid statistical analysis
Statistical analysis correct
Recognizes implications
Discussing research outcomes (own results and those of others)

Hardly participates in discussions
Participates in discussions
Is critical and occasionally leading during discussions

Fails to place research into perspective
Discussion in the light of (recent) literature
Stays on top of recent literature
Practical skills
Practical: Insufficient
Practical: Satisfactory
Practical: Excellent
Technical skills
Fails to master technical/lab skills
Masters required technical/lab skills
Has excellent technical skills

Fails to apply techniques independently
Applies techniques independently
Finds and masters new technical approach, improves existing procedures

Waiting times in protocols are spent inefficiently
Uses waiting times for preparing buffers, reading etc.
Runs parallel experiments to use time efficiently and effectively
Organization lab journal /log/work records
Badly organized
Well organized
Required information is missing
All required information is available
Repetition of experiments based on
information provided easily possible
Organization working place
use of protocols/ instructions / application safety regulations
Workplace is a mess
Tidies workplace regularly
Workplace is always clean
Fails to clean equipment after use
Cleans equipment after use
Equipment is always clean
Does not follow guidelines and protocols
Follows guidelines and protocols
Suggests improvements for protocols

Professional attitude
Professional attitude: Insufficient
Professional attitude: Satisfactory
Professional attitude: Excellent
Initiative, independence,
creativity, handling feedback
Many feedback sessions are required
Regular feedback sessions were needed
The amount of feedback needed was minimal
Relies on supervisor’s instructions only
Takes initiative (initially) after stimulation
Consults experts outside the group in consultation with supervisor, designs large parts of the project
Finds relevant new literature
Minimal improvement based on feedback
Feedback led to reasonable improvement
Response to feedback yielded excellent improvements
Critical attitude
Critical attitude is absent
Self-reflection is absent
Shows self-reflection and has critical attitude towards (published) research
Critical attitude is based on intellectual depth and profundity
Data manipulated or left out**
Accurate, reliable and trustworthy, shows awareness of confidentiality of information
Perseverance, Dedication
Loses motivation when experiments / research fail(s)
Repeats experiment until satisfactory result is obtained
Perseveres, but knows when to stop
Communication with colleagues
Thinks he/she is the only worker in the lab
Takes (needs of) colleagues into account
Communicates with colleagues, e.g. to share equipment
Knows when to ask questions
Accepts, communicates and learns from own failures
Fails to meet deadlines
Meets most deadlines
Sets own deadlines and adheres to them
Fails to keep appointments
Keeps appointments
Schedules appointments when necessary
Additional criteria or Feedback

* Requirements for "satisfactory" must be fulfilled as well
** In case of fraud or plagiarism, the examiner will inform the Board of Examiners of this in writing

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